Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to ride segway?

Is a typical faq’s question as everything new Segways might seem a little bit scary, especially if you never tried something similar before. However, almost everyone who tries it for the first time finds Segways extremely easy to ride. It doesn’t require any special skills and usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to get comfortable.

What is the maximum age?

There is no maximum age. If you feeling good and energetic you are more than welcome to join the tour.

FAQ'S 1- How safe is it?

Before the tour TopSegway team member will explain all the rules and details how to ride Segway. As soon as you get comfortable with machines you start exploring Malaga. 15 minutes practise time is absolutely free and not included in the tour time. And the answer is ” Yes! it is safe”. However, pregnant women or people with back injuries are not recommended for this experience.

FAQ'S 2 - Do you do big group tours?

We do big groups and we love big groups. More people more fun. However, to keep it nice and safe for everyone for the groups of more than 8 people we provide 2 guides.

FAQ'S 3 - What is the minimum age?

One of the typicals faq’s questions is about the age.

The minimum age is normally around 10 years old, however there are certain exceptions. The more important is body weight. It is generally recommended to have 30 kg to be able to ride it. However, with the help of professional guide it is possible to do the tour even for younger children.

FAQ'S 4 - Body weight

Minimum body weight is around 30 kg and maximum is 120 kg. However, there are certain exceptions. If you not shure, whether you can ride the segway, please contact TopSegway.

Our staff is always at your disposal and will be happy to help you and resolve your doubts. Just ask us!

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